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JC Music是一個致力於創作當代基督教音樂的事工。JC Music 以其對當代基督教價值觀的承諾而脫穎而出,通過音樂來傳遞信仰的力量和啟示。我們的音樂不僅僅是一種音樂,更是一種靈性的體驗,連接人們與信仰更深的層次。


JC MUSIC is a ministry dedicated to crafting contemporary Christian music. Our mission is to create musical expressions that resonate with the values and beliefs of modern Christianity. Through our commitment to delivering impactful and uplifting messages, we aim to connect people with the depth of their faith.



不僅如此,我們還提供高品質的音樂產品,包括專輯、單曲、和其他與音樂創作相關的資源。無論是在教堂中崇拜、個人反思,還是在日常生活中找到靈感,JC Music的音樂都旨在豐富和深化信仰體驗。

透過JC Music,我們追求將基督教價值觀融入當代音樂中,為信仰提供一個美妙的音樂表達平臺。

Our music spans various genres, ranging from serene hymns to vibrant rock, reflecting the diverse spectrum of Christian values. With profound and touching lyrics, our music seeks to inspire, encourage, and guide individuals on their spiritual journeys.

In addition to our creative endeavors, we provide high-quality music products, including albums, singles, and other resources related to music composition. Whether it's worship in church, personal reflection, or finding inspiration in daily life, JC MUSIC's music is designed to enrich and deepen the experience of faith.

Through JC MUSIC, we strive to integrate Christian values into contemporary music, offering a delightful musical platform for expressing and celebrating faith.


JC Music的願景是透過音樂的力量,傳達並深化基督教的價值觀和信息,引導人們建立更深層次的精神聯繫。我們追求透過音樂創作、表演和傳播,為聽眾提供一種深思熟慮、感人至深的音樂體驗,使之在信仰之旅中找到靈感、得到鼓舞,並與神性建立更加親密的關係。

JC Music致力於通過創新和卓越的音樂作品,超越文化和語言的障礙,將基督教的智慧和美好傳遞給全球觀眾。我們夢想成為一個影響深遠、激發信仰的音樂事工,為人們提供精神上的滋養和啟示。

在JC Music的願景中,音樂是一種媒介,透過它我們能夠傳遞希望、愛與智慧,將人們的心靈連接在信仰的橋樑上。我們希望透過每一首歌、每一個音符,為人們帶來真摯、美好的基督教音樂體驗,成為他們信仰旅程中的夥伴和引領者。

JC Music's vision is to convey and deepen Christian values and messages through the power of music, guiding individuals to establish a deeper spiritual connection. We strive to provide audiences with a thoughtful and profoundly moving musical experience through music creation, performance, and dissemination, allowing them to find inspiration, be uplifted, and foster a closer relationship with the divine on their faith journey.

JC Music is committed to delivering the wisdom and beauty of Christianity to a global audience, transcending cultural and language barriers through innovative and exceptional musical works. We dream of becoming a music ministry that has a profound impact, inspiring faith and providing spiritual nourishment to people.

In the vision of JC Music, music serves as a medium through which we convey hope, love, and wisdom, connecting people's hearts on the bridge of faith. We aspire to bring sincere and beautiful Christian music experiences to individuals through every song and every note, becoming companions and guides on their journey of faith.

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